The Dior offices

The Dior offices The Dior offices in Tel Aviv are a unique space serving as a tangible interpretation to the heritage of this distinguished institution, its values and the brand’s essence. This essence of aesthetics, quality excellence, luxury, pleasure and creative energy was articulated in the final design. Any visitor walking into this space can […]

Garden Duplex in Tzahala

Garden Duplex in Tzahala This single-parent family, residing in the neighborhood of Tzahala, consisted of a mother and her 11, 9 and 7-year-old children. In planning this residence, I devoted a lot of thought to the children, who would be teenagers in the not too far off future. The apartment was planned with the goal […]

Garden Duplex in Lev HaIr

Garden Duplex in the heart of Tel Aviv When David, a new immigrant to Israel, showed me this beautiful apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv, I instantly knew this would become a fascinating project. The property is a 150 square meter duplex with an 80 square meter garden, in a building located on Gordon […]

The home in Tzamarot Tower

Tzamarot Tower apartment This house is located on the 13th floor of the Tzamarot project in the city of Herzliya, intended for a couple and their 10-year-old boy. The owners of the house are originally from Finland, and it was important for them that the Scandinavian design would be articulated within the home. They recalled […]

Itamar St. penthouse

Itamar St. penthouse This is a penthouse residence which started out as a standard contractor apartment. The goal was to create a first-class home with classic European elements, albeit in pure, subtle style. The home created in the work plans was a high-quality dwelling, without the usual conspicuous elements of typical apartment buildings. All this […]