"From the very first moment we were impressed with her professionalism,
her amazing taste, the attention to every detail and the ability to combine aesthetics and functionality perfectly."

Some clients and certain projects do not necessitate continuous advising.  In these instances, I’d like to invite you to an individual design consultation: a focused and efficient meeting in which I’ll be able to answer your design queries. For a reasonable price, an individual design consultation will enable you to receive customized information relevant to your specific needs as well as answers to your dilemmas, in a short amount of time.

A single design consultation could be a terrific choice in the following circumstances:

  • Need for design direction when you’re home styling on your own. In such cases I will arrive with material and color samples as well as store and supplier catalogs.
    Together we will make a shopping list, a color scheme and a style which will serve as your reference point for your choices later down the line. Following the consultation, I’ll be available via WhatsApp for answering further questions. Later on, we could have a further consultation in the form of a concentrated shopping day. Or, we could have an additional targeted consultation meeting focusing on the larger and more significant purchases you are planning.

  • You’d like to understand the plans sent by your contractor more thoroughly. Let’s go over your plans together. We’ll read the indications and make sure the plans match your needs appropriately. In my experience, there are many cases in which this is the moment to make small but necessary changes. The changes made now will make a big difference, without the need for continuous supervision for the duration of the long building phase. If there is in fact a need to make changes, we will add these to the plans in handwritten indications. You’ll be able to contact the project’s residential alteration coordinators and continue from there.
    In contractor-designed apartments, in addition to examining the plans as mentioned above, I also recommend arranging a separate meeting with the kitchen supplier. Of all the phases in which you can choose and alter your apartment, this is the most complex and the most expensive upgrade, which will influence the apartment for years to come.

  • Receiving a second opinion on architectural plans. Some of my clients contacted me before the building phase begins, feeling unsure about the plans or the professionals they have chosen to work with. If this is your situation, I promise to be completely candid regarding the quality of your plans, to support you in dilemmas which may arise and to provide you with a professional opinion.

The cost of an Individual design consultation is 1,500 NIS.

An additional design consultation, if needed is 500 NIS.

A typical design consultation is not limited in time, and usually lasts about 2-3 hours.

Dearest Hila, we are unable to express how much we value you, and how grateful we are!! We wanted to thank you, beloved Hila, for really listening, for your devotion, for your competence. Thank you for your precision and accountability, thank you for aspiring to do the best for us, thank you for your determination and persistence, thank you for not giving up even when some said it was impossible. Thank you for being such an amazing designer and woman, with such a special personality, and so cordial! Dearest Hila, we've told you quite a few times that you are our angel…We say that and feel the need to thank you every single day!! Thanks to you, we have a house that is absolutely amazing and one of a kind. We are pleased with every single detail which we have chosen with your support! For us, you are more than a designer – you're family!! We genuinely thank you from the bottom of our hearts and love you endlessly!!"

Shirley and Shaltiel David

Beloved Hila! I wanted to let you know that the house turned out absolutely perfect, just as I had dreamed it would. I warmly recommend you at every chance I get with all of my acquaintances– anyone who comes to our homes quite literally swoons! Beyond the design itself, your interpersonal skills are unsurpassed, and you're as gracious and pleasant as can be! Thank you!!


Dear Hila – thank you so much for designing our new and charming apartment. Thank you for the professional direction, your meticulousness and your cordial ways. With your guidance, our new home turned out beautifully, while also becoming comfortable and pleasant – just as we had wanted! Wishing you well, and we'll be in touch in the future to collaborate once again

Yaad and Guy Cohen