Garden Duplex in Tzahala

This single-parent family, residing in the neighborhood of Tzahala, consisted of a mother and her 11, 9 and 7-year-old children. In planning this residence, I devoted a lot of thought to the children, who would be teenagers in the not too far off future. The apartment was planned with the goal of creating an ideal division of space best suited to their needs at that point in their lives.

We wanted to separate the “grownup” floor from the children’s floor. The children’s floor literally turned into their own kingdom: a common space with a huge sofa for having friends over, where a the kids could watch a movie together, or use it for sleepovers.
Nearby is a pool table. These are surrounded by three private bedrooms and two bathrooms, an intimate shared work corner in the corridor and an independent separate exit from the house.

In the grownup floor, we created a wide, open and welcoming space to be in (for the children too), but in contrast to the lower children’s floor, here the emphasis was on creating a calm and peaceful ambience. A living room, a dining area and the heart of the house: the kitchen. These last three all have exits to a green garden.

Also located on this floor is the master suite, an indulgent separate unit for someone who works hard at household management and raising her children. This is a quieter corner, a sanctuary of sorts just for her. The client chose to position her office, enclosed with glass doors, in the common shared part of the house. In this way, even while working, she is still part of the happenings within the house.

This house is an excellent example of a space custom-fit for its inhabitants, best serving their needs.

In addition, the new division of space has raised the house’s market value. Before the apartment was purchased and renovated, it remained on the market for many months. Following the massive renovation, the new space division and the styling, the family lived in the house for two years before moving abroad. The house was sold above market price after just one month on the market.