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True Design For Living

When designing a home, I aim to create a complete, harmonious space, a feeling that surrounds you from the moment you enter. A space pleasurable by virtue of symmetry and balance.


Dearest Hila, we are unable to express how much we value you, and how grateful we are!! We wanted to thank you, beloved Hila, for really listening, for your devotion, for your competence. Thank you for your precision and accountability, thank you for aspiring to do the best for us, thank you for your determination and persistence, thank you for not giving up even when some said it was impossible. Thank you for being such an amazing designer and woman, with such a special personality, and so cordial! Dearest Hila, we've told you quite a few times that you are our angel…We say that and feel the need to thank you every single day!! Thanks to you, we have a house that is absolutely amazing and one of a kind. We are pleased with every single detail which we have chosen with your support! For us, you are more than a designer – you're family!! We genuinely thank you from the bottom of our hearts and love you endlessly!!

Shirley and Shaltiel David

We invited Hila for a design consultation when our architect-led renovation, which had begun a few months earlier, was coming to an end. When the time came for determining the various complex details, combinations and colors - we felt insecure and needed guidance. Hila arrived without delay, pulling out files jam-packed with samples and colors. She almost seemed like Mary Poppins and her magic bag. From the very first moment we were impressed with her dexterity, great taste, attention to every detail, and ability to perfectly blend aesthetics with pragmatism. These qualities were complemented by her sincere will to help, her accessibility, a positive and optimistic outlook, cheerfulness and graciousness. It was simply a pleasure working with Hila. A refreshing, confidence-inspiring experience. Following the consultation, Hila remained accessible for every question or request, in the most natural and convenient manner. Thank you, Hila!!

Yair and Nira, Tel Aviv

"I met Hila 7 years ago, while she was planning and designing my current apartment. I had no doubt I would consult with her when I began searching for a housing upgrade last year in order to procure a new property. Hila joined me with a smile on three different occasions in which I considered buying an apartment and asked for her opinion. Within each short visit, Hila was able to pinpoint the advantages and locate the drawbacks of the apartment. Instead of simply viewing the existing circumstances, Hila's creativity enables her to see the design potential in each space. Hila was presented with my nearly impossible list of requirements for renovating an apartment to include: two bathrooms, space for entertaining as well as an office. Hila was not deterred. She offered countless solutions and fresh design directions which fit with my present and future requirements perfectly. Hila's professional guidance in the acquisition process is what enabled me to make a knowledgeable and confident choice when buying my apartment. To anyone in the process of apartment acquisition, I warmly recommend taking advantage of Hila's knowledge and professional skills in order to make an informed decision."

Oded Farid, Tel Aviv

I was very pleased to discover that what had been promised to me prior to the face-to-face meeting was in fact being carried out. During the consultation, you were really there for me, unhurried, enabling me to review the plans with no time limit including the construction, electricity and plumbing plans. You understood the family's needs as well as my own, and in some cases even provided me with a number of alternatives. I was impressed with your scrupulousness and expertise. Your service fees were reasonable and fair. You welcomed me into your home so I could see the charming design scheme and become inspired with additional ideas. I felt that it is genuinely important for you to know that I am pleased. I am extremely grateful and will certainly recommend your services.


"Dearest Hila, when we met you, we had a typical, uninteresting two-bedroom apartment. Thanks to your ingenuity, vigor, persistence and youthful creative spirit, you've transformed our home into our favorite place to return to and a space which we love to dwell in. Your attention to detail and the many thoughts devoted to our project are felt in every corner of our home. You've turned our kitchen into a comfortable and convenient space, with special emphasis on storage convenience based on our needs and frequency of using certain items. Thanks to your incredible taste, and taking into consideration our requirements and special needs, our bathroom has become a wonderfully pleasant place to unwind in. You've design an office for Zwika, my husband, which is a perfect match for his requirements. You've positioned his work desk, so it is facing the sea: he is able enjoy the view even whilst working and still get the most out of his busy days. You've enhanced our entire place with delightful colors which reflect our personalities. We are extremely grateful for your patience, the quality of your work and your creativity. It was a pleasure working with you. With our sincere appreciation of your talent, thank you very, very much." -Sima and Zwika, 11 December 2016

Sima and Zwika

Interior Design

I believe that planning a house, no matter the size or the location, is a privilege: a golden opportunity to pause and examine your life while asking yourselves what brings you joy.