The heart of an introduction meeting is for us to meet and learn about each other. Our connection is very important for me. Building and renovating a house is not a short process. It can be intense or emotional, with financial decisions as well as assessment of your lives and your needs. This is why, before plans are laid out, dates set, prices met and arrangements done – before all else, let’s get to know each other.

We will dear to dream together.

I will invite you into my home, where we will chat over coffee. I will be happy to hear about your project in detail, as well as tell you a bit about myself, my method of interior design and my work process.

After hearing the details during our meeting, I will be able to provide you with an accurate fee for your design project. The project pricing is based on all aspects of the design, for every phase of the project, based on the advisory style which suites you best.

The introductory meeting is at no cost. It does not include professional consultation. The purpose of the meeting, as the name suggests, is to introduce ourselves to one another. If you are interested in a design consultation, more information can be found on my Design Consultation page.

Dearest Hila, we are unable to express how much we value you, and how grateful we are!! We wanted to thank you, beloved Hila, for really listening, for your devotion, for your competence. Thank you for your precision and accountability, thank you for aspiring to do the best for us, thank you for your determination and persistence, thank you for not giving up even when some said it was impossible. Thank you for being such an amazing designer and woman, with such a special personality, and so cordial! Dearest Hila, we've told you quite a few times that you are our angel…We say that and feel the need to thank you every single day!! Thanks to you, we have a house that is absolutely amazing and one of a kind. We are pleased with every single detail which we have chosen with your support! For us, you are more than a designer – you're family!! We genuinely thank you from the bottom of our hearts and love you endlessly!!"

Shirley and Shaltiel David

Beloved Hila! I wanted to let you know that the house turned out absolutely perfect, just as I had dreamed it would. I warmly recommend you at every chance I get with all of my acquaintances– anyone who comes to our homes quite literally swoons! Beyond the design itself, your interpersonal skills are unsurpassed, and you're as gracious and pleasant as can be! Thank you!!


Dear Hila – thank you so much for designing our new and charming apartment. Thank you for the professional direction, your meticulousness and your cordial ways. With your guidance, our new home turned out beautifully, while also becoming comfortable and pleasant – just as we had wanted! Wishing you well, and we'll be in touch in the future to collaborate once again

Yaad and Guy Cohen