Itamar St. penthouse

This is a penthouse residence which started out as a standard contractor apartment. The goal was to create a first-class home with classic European elements, albeit in pure, subtle style. The home created in the work plans was a high-quality dwelling, without the usual conspicuous elements of typical apartment buildings. All this while maintaining precise functionality as well as aesthetic elements.

The owners wished to create a house which would function well in accommodating their growing family, as parents to a young girl and a boy on the way. For this purpose, we separated the private part of the house from the common area. The space allocated for the kitchen, dining area and living room for entertaining was relatively large. The children’s play area was a semi open space, which would not dominate the center of the house while still enabling the tenants to keep an eye on the children. This room could also serve as a guest sleeping room.

After having moved into their new home, the clients continued and still continue to share their design preferences with me to this day, down to the smallest of details- an act which makes me very happy. The delightful, harmonious outcome can be viewed in these photos.