The Dior offices

The Dior offices in Tel Aviv are a unique space serving as a tangible interpretation to the heritage of this distinguished institution, its values and the brand’s essence. This essence of aesthetics, quality excellence, luxury, pleasure and creative energy was articulated in the final design. Any visitor walking into this space can feel in every one of their senses what the space is all about. The great challenge of planning this space was merging the European characteristics of the brand with the local environment in which it is located.

The space was planned afresh in order to provide solutions for three different requirements: an impressive entrance hall, the management’s offices and a large, modular training room. The initial area was an office space of approximately 100 square meters in size. The space had a thoroughly “bureau”-like vibe and was plainly unremarkable. Knocking down the interior walls, which had previously divided the space into identical small cells, removing the Venetian blinds as well as removing the dark films from the glass windows created a large, open space. The sea and the rooftops of Tel Aviv which could be seen in the distance became an integral part of the design.

The heart of the project is a large training room, which can also be converted into a large space for entertaining. If necessary, it can also be split, with the screen at its center, into two cleverly divided training rooms. This central screen is one of three textile screens located within the space. These can be controlled electronically. They also serve as slide show screens for projections during training sessions, as well as fashion show visuals enhancing the ambience during events. The training space is furnished with 60×60 tables, enabling optimal use of the space in the room. These can, for example, be positioned in the center of the room as one large table or spread out as individual working stations.

White and grey, the traditional colors associated with the brand, are echoed in the space design, enhancing the elegant ambience and a sense of purity. Their main purpose is to serve as a neutral and convenient background to the dynamic colors in current collections displayed within the space. The design incorporates within it intimate sitting corners, with the main component being the famous custom-made Louis XIV chair. In addition, the entrance hall walls, and the lounge are adorned with decorative profiles. This element ensemble lends the space an elegant, European appeal, which resonates with the design vision.

The main wall in the space is clad with the iconic Cannage motif, a pattern which appears on many brand items. The wall was implemented using local materials, in a technique incorporating smudging decorative plaster and adding notches with specialized straightedges. This unique work was made by skilled local artisans specializing in this method. The materials incorporated created a distinct Dior epitome which blends in with local materials and bridges the refined designer space with the urban Tel Avivian scenery viewed from the windows.