Tzamarot Tower apartment

This house is located on the 13th floor of the Tzamarot project in the city of Herzliya, intended for a couple and their 10-year-old boy.

The owners of the house are originally from Finland, and it was important for them that the Scandinavian design would be articulated within the home. They recalled the experience of dwelling in a home filled with warm colors and requested that in this new home we dare to use warm colors in the interiors. At the same time, we wanted to make sure we did not diminish the space and that we were taking the Israeli climate into consideration. The ample size and brightly lit qualities were to be maintained.

The main requirement emphasized in the program was the need for ample storage solutions. Maintaining an organized home begins first and foremost with ensuring that there are abundant storage spaces. Today, the house contains many recessed closets and custom carpentry, planned for specific items requiring storage. Items such as towels and bedsheets have designated storage spaces, as do kitchen utensils which are not used daily but remain accessible. The closets in the various rooms are planned in such a way which does not diminish from the rooms’ functionality, while still serving their purpose.

Upon entering the apartment, there is a small and convenient entrance hall with storage in the coat closet. This includes a shelf for hats, a rack for bags and a bench on which one can sit to put on shoes. There is also a “Mashrabiya” wall element which creates a feeling of separation between the house entrance and the rest of the space within the home itself. The mashrabiya also serves as a screen, enhancing the division between the interior and the world outside.

The apartment is divided into a private space and a common space. The living room, kitchen and dining area are arranged as an open space, and they have an exit to the balcony. This balcony has views to a large green garden, as well as to the building’s communal pool. It is possible for the couple to sit on the balcony while still being able to watch their son play with the neighbors’ children outside.
From the living room, a light beige corridor leads to the bedrooms. The approach to the corridor has a brick segment with shelves on which family photos and Finnish art pieces are displayed. These create an intimate homey ambience, reminding the tenants of loved ones and happy moments. The bathroom has bourdeaux-colored cement tiles in a bolder shade compared to the rest of the house.
The boy’s room has dashes of a mustard shade, which give it a sunny vibe, complementing the classic textile design choices (curtains, carpet and cushions). We aimed to enrich the boy’s surroundings with associations of warmth and life, instead of just plain white. The apartment has 3 bedrooms: a master bedroom for the parents including a walk-in wardrobe, a boy’s room and a guest room which also serves as a study.