The Sharon Hotel Home

This home is the story of three hotel rooms which have been converted into a residential apartment.

This project is a favorite of mine. The initial space consisted of three connected hotel rooms. Apart from balconies facing the ocean in each of the rooms, the units themselves were dull and lacked character. The goal was to turn these into an illuminated, elegant residence, with an enjoyable atmosphere. 

 A home which is a pleasure to return to, a place where the owners can recharge and relax in.

The ocean motif led the color choices within this space, with the views seen from the windows and the owners’ love of vacationing in yachts in various parts of the world for many months of the year.

The couple’s memories from their many travels throughout the years are integrated in the house’s design: from Parisian ceramic lamps, to Italian glass and wooden African statues.

Today, from the moment of entering the apartment, you find yourself walking into a serene space invoking positive associations, along with the comforts of a warm home replete with beauty and elegance.